Karlyn is the CEO of KDPM Consulting Group as well as the Founder of The Sistertalk Leadership & Wellness Academy Group which has been featured on Oprah's LifeClass, Cityline, Globe & Mail, CNN Money, Essence & Forbes.
A native of St. Lucia, Karlyn bravely immigrated to Canada alone and with vision and tenacity, she went on to carve out a successful 23-year career in Technology & Operations. In the fast-paced financial industry, Karlyn experienced first hand the cost of intersectional systemic bias, "emotional tax" which lead to burnout and anxiety. She quickly noticed this was a common theme among the women she encountered in her professional career so she began the journey to research, learn and develop the tools that were much needed by women of colour. Karlyn quickly became a community leader when she served as the Chair for the Harry Jerome Awards.

Seeing a crucial need for an integrated approach to wellness and dreaming bigger, Karlyn developed tools and systems, including the Success Planner - a life planner-meets-journal helping women create whole self and community success in all areas of their lives.

She masterfully brings awareness to the “Elephant in the Room” through research-based writing and workshops on the challenges & emotional tax Black, Indigenous and self-identifying women of colour pay due to the lack of inclusion & psychological safely in the workplace.

Karlyn has worked with Dentsu Canada, Maple Leaf Foods, The Sick Kids Foundation, Mondelez, UNICEF TARCO, Porter Airlines, BMO, RBC, Deloitte, Expedia, Telus, Hershey Canada, Scotiabank, CIBC and others, helping Organisations increase B.R.I.P.E - Belonging, Retention, Inclusion, Productivity & Engagement whilst helping women fearlessly realize their full potential.

An advocate for Gender Equity, Karlyn was tapped to be a key contributor to UNICEF’s Break The Silence Campaign, bringing awareness to sexual violence that women and children face in the Caribbean. SisterTalk Leadership and Wellness Academy launched AMPLIFY 2020 -a digital storytelling campaign magnifying the voices, stories and digital footprint of Black, Indigenous and self -identifying women of colour.